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A collective of outstanding leaders across multiple disciples, holding our scholars to consistently high behavioral and academic expectations.

Board of Trustees
Student Support
Arts Specialists
Teacher Instructional Support
Non-Instructional Student Support

Board of Trustees

Board Chair Barbara Scott Education Consultant Email Barbara
Board Member Andrea Zayas Network Superintendent, Boston Public Schools
Board Vice Chair Charles Whites Vice President, Associate General Counsel, New York Life
Board Secretary Katherine Trager Attorney
Treasurer Arlene Bascom Vice President and Comptroller, Green-Wood Cemetery and Historic Fund
Board Member David Barnard Senior Vice President, Alliance Bernstein
Board Member Lori Biancamano Executive Director, Bentall GreenOak
Board Member Denise Brecher Educator
Board Member Susan Geisenheimer
Board Member Eric Osorio Associate Head of School, The Calhoun School
Board Member Sara Villagio Chief Marketing Officer, Carnegie Hall
Board Member Dan Vislocky Managing Partner, Station Companies
Board Minutes

Leadership: Both Schools

Executive Director Miriam Raccah Email Miriam
Executive Assistant Erica Jones Email Erica
Director of Development Jasmin Abbatiello Email Jasmin
Director of Operations Karlene Cowan Email Karlene
Director of Finance Melanie Hok Email Melanie
Arts Director Jerry Phelps Email Jerry

Leadership: Elementary School

Director of Curriculm and Instruction Patricia Rooney Email Patricia
Operations Manager Audriana Blackwell Email Audriana
Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Special Populations Jennifer Ciavirella Email Jennifer
Director of Curriculm and Instruction Maria Hewins Email Maria
Dean of Students Jahneel Small Email Jahneel

Leadership: Middle School

Middle School Principal Ryan McCabe Email Ryan
Director of Curriculm and Instruction Kathryn Cotten Email Kathryn
Dean of Students Lisselot Monegro Email Lisselot
Operations Manager Nadeen Santana Email Nadeen

Operations: Both Schools

Operations: Elementary School

School Aide Francisco Salvador Email Francisco
Maintenance Supervisor Danny Diaz Email Danny
School Aide Carlos Addams-Rosa Email Carlos
Operations Associate Brian Ortiz Email Brian
School Aide Angel Trinidad Email Angel
School Aide Amani Taylor Email Amani
Supervisor - School Aides Milagros Ocasio Email Milagros
Food Service Manager Grisel Pereira Email Grisel
Food Service Aide Carmen Rivera Email Carmen
School Aide Bria Cross Email Bria
Administrative Assistant Fatoumata Traore Sanogo Email Fatoumata

Operations: Middle School

Operations Associate Rachel Baez Email Rachel
Operations Associate Angeline Rosario Email Angeline

Student Support: Elementary School

Social Worker Natalie Francis Email Natalie
Guidance Counselor Michell Orellana Email Michell
SETTS Teacher Keisha Jacobs Email Keisha
RTI Teacher Heliz Martinez Email Heliz
RTI Teacher Katrina Merkel Email Katrina

Student Support: Middle School

Interventionist Manouchka Pierre Email Manouchka
Guidance Counselor Jessica Roman Email Jessica
Social Worker Yimel Young Email Yimel

Teachers: Elementary School

Teacher Vanessa Sa Email Vanessa
Teacher, 1st Grade Sabrina Francis Email Sabrina
Teacher, 3rd Grade Melissa Jean-Baptiste Email Melissa
Kindergarten Teacher Maleana Walters Email Maleana
Teacher, 1st Grade Kiara Quiroz Email Kiara
Teacher, 1st Grade Cristy Vargas Email Cristy
Kindergarten Teacher Christine Daniel Email Christine
ELL Bianca Albino Email Bianca
RTI Math Vanessa Alcantara Email Vanessa
Teacher, 3rd Grade Siobhan Anderson Email Siobhan
Teacher, 2nd Grade Wendy Anderson Email Wendy
Teacher, 2nd Grade Lindsey Cunha Email Lindsey
Teacher, 2nd Grade Dionnedra Davidson Email Dionnedra
Teacher, 1st Grade Kim Davidson Email Kim
Teacher, Kindergarten Fiona Deveaux Email Fiona
Teacher, 5th Grade Emily Garcia Email Emily
Teacher, 3rd Grade Bianca Gonzalez Email Bianca
ELL Teacher Christine Johnson Email Christine
Teacher Emma Kanestrin Email Emma
Teacher, 4th Grade Amanda Karperis Email Amanda
Teacher, 5th Grade Agnes Lopez Email Agnes
Teacher Marisol Rodriguez Email Marisol
Teacher, Kindergarten Lauren Kowalski Email Lauren
RTI Teacher Niaomi Turner Email Niaomi
Teacher, 2nd Grade Ginette Valentin Email Ginette
Teacher, 3rd Grade Gloria Williams Email Gloria

Teachers: Middle School

PE Teacher Tyrese Rolison-Abrams Email Tyrese
Arts Assistant Nelson Chimilio Email Nelson
SETTS Teacher Monique Rose Email Monique
SETTS Teacher Michelle Bontemps Email Michelle
Teacher, 8th Grade Social Studies Marcia White Email Marcia
ELA Teacher Jalysa Cornelius Email Jalysa
Visual Arts Teacher Gisel Zapata Email Gisel
SETTS Teacher Freddie Escobar Email Freddie
Teacher Chelsea Garabito Email Chelsea
Math Teacher, 8th Grade Alexis Guy Email Alexis
Floating Teacher Mridul Joy Email Mridul
Math Teacher Joel Alvarado Email Joel
Teacher Carlos Canela Email Carlos
Science Teacher Jorge Corranza Bonilla Email Jorge
Special Education Cassandre Chery Email Cassandre
Special Education Eugenia Edwards Email Eugenia
Teacher Kaity Ferguson-Shand Email Kaity
Humanities and SPED Teacher Niya Giddens Email Niya
Teacher Casey Hogan Email Casey
Teacher Ashley Hunker Email Ashley
Special Education Stephanie Jones Email Stephanie
Special Education Regina Martin Email Regina
Social Studies Christian Narewski Email Christian
Science Teacher Dylan Ravdin Email Dylan
Math Teacher Shaba Simmons Email Shaba
English Teacher Marilyn Valentin Email Marilyn
ENL Teacher Vinthany Souvannarath Email Vinthany

Arts Specialists: Elementary School

Dance Teacher Freyani Patrice Email Freyani
Arts Assistant Jennifer Caraballo Email Jennifer
Visual Arts Specialist Aritha Corry (Moore) Email Aritha
Music Teacher Willie Morris Email Willie
Theater Teacher Chris Price Email Chris

Arts Specialists: Middle School

Theatre Teacher Ryan Canuelle Email Ryan
Music Teacher Jason Fitch Email Jason
Dance Teacher DaShawn White Email DaShawn

Teacher Instructional Support: Elementary School

Teacher Instructional Support: Middle School

RTI Coordinator Alice Mclntosh Email Alice

Non-Instructional Student Support: Elementary School

Non-Instructional Student Support: Middle School

Dean Assistant William Shelton Email William
Assistant Dean Jacob Basantes Email Jacob
Assitant Dean Clarence Campbell Email Clarence
School Aide Ronald Ack Email Ronald